Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

At CASS we believe the Arts play an important role in learning and engagement. Creativity is inherent and through the arts there is opportunity for insight, growth development and learning.  An underlying precept of the creative arts is that play is an integral component of accessing creativity.


  • Students develop a greater awareness of themselves and others.
  • Students improve self-esteem and confidence.
  • Sessions provide a framework where students can explore new ways of creating and interacting with others.
  • Sessions provide opportunities for students to be involved in activities that integrate the body mind and emotions.
  • Sessions will aim to enhance development of creativity and spontaneity through students increasing their expressive range
  • There is sensory stimulation throughout the sessions. Therapists work multi modally.
  • Students have increased absorption and motivation to stay engaged and focused.
  • Sessions meet developmental stages of students so behaviour, emotional range, language and interaction can be extended.
  • Laughing and having fun together strengthens relationships and increases of sense of belonging.
  • The creative therapies relax students through relationship and self-containment.