Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

Central Auckland Specialist School runs an itinerant teacher service for the Central Auckland Area.  The service provides a 0.1 (half day) or 0.2 (full day) teacher to support ORS funded students included in regular mainstream classes.

We are committed to sharing expertise and skills with mainstream colleagues and have provided support to staff in areas such as ASD and Behaviour Clinics.  These measures serve to empower and build capacity in schools which impacts positively on student outcomes.

The Outreach service aims to;

  • Maximise resource delivery through MOE-SE and special school collaboration
  • Build capacity of local schools to cater for students with special needs
  • Raise the achievement or ORS students
  • Ensure that all students, regardless of their education setting have access to qualified special education teacher who will work on a regular bases alongside students, teachers and teacher aides within their regular educational programme
  • Minimise difficulty in recruiting suitably qualified teachers
  • Provide professional development, practical support and supervision to host-school teachers and support staff
  • Share resources that meet students’ specific needs
  • Work collaboratively with MOE-SE and other relevant agencies.

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