Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

Te Ropu Kauri includes classes at Onehunga High School, Western Springs College (currently learning at STAR while build is underway), Base School, and our StAR site (where our Te Whare Pitau (18+ class) is based).


Students who have special education needs are funded to continue within the schooling system until they are 21 years of age.  A transition programme for students between the ages of 17 and 21 years focuses specifically on learning skills for adult life.  The key competencies of a good transition programme are similar to the work related values that an employer would seek.


The transition curriculum which focuses on preparing students for life after school.  Students personalised learning programmes are captured in a transition learning plan and are designed to provide real life, meaningful, purposeful and authentic learning opportunities.

Leavers Profile

The global skills that our students will have in place when they leave CASS at 21 are described in the Leaver’s Profile.

Learning Design

A project based approach to curriculum allows students to access core learning through wide, rich, varied, authentic and meaningful learning opportunities.  The programmes available and students individual timetables may vary from term to term but are likely to reflect the following experiences supporting some central key ideas.