Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

Therapy is an essential element of the school day for students at Central Auckland Specialist School (CASS).  It enables them to make the most of the learning opportunities they are involved in.   

CASS employs Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Therapists.  Each student’s therapy needs are assessed and catered for.  We endeavour to integrate therapy programmes within the regular classroom programmes to ensure that every aspect of the school day has both therapeutic and educational benefit. Programmes are developed in consultation with families/whanau and staff and aim to help students achieve their maximum potential and enjoy optimal quality of life.  

Therapists also provide education and training for all staff working with the student and strive to establish strong links with families to provide a holistic view of the child. Support is also provided for families to implement therapy programmes in the home setting. 

Therapists liaise with specialists (orthopaedic surgeons, paediatricians, dieticians, neurologists, behaviour support teams), and community, health and ACC therapists to ensure consistency of care.

Physiotherapists work with our students by improving strength, movement patterns, co-ordination and stamina so that they can participate in school life and out in the community.  They also work to maintain respiratory function, musculoskeletal integrity and to provide comfortable and supportive positioning options throughout the day which enhances participation in classroom activitiesSpecialised equipment is accessed to promote and maintain movement. 

Physiotherapy is delivered using a range of treatment approaches in both group and individual sessions.

Occupational therapistspromote the students’ wellbeing, function and independence within the learning environment. Meaningful and goal directed tasks are used to maximise the student’s participation and learning in the class setting.  Technology, specialised equipment and modifications are used to support student access to learning and daily living skills.  

Occupational therapists liaise with community therapists and those from other agencies to resolve home/community issues.

Speech Language Therapistswork with our students to help them with their speech and language development, communicate more effectively, eat and drink safely and for some students, to provide alternative and augmentative communication options such as communication books and devices. 

Expressing your thoughts and opinions is an integral part of being an active participant in your daily activities and learning programmes.  Speech Language Therapists support the integration of robust language systems (such as PODD and Core Boards) throughout the school day so that all students have the opportunity to learn and develop their cognitive and language skills.