Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

CASS is committed to fostering student achievement within the New Zealand Curriculum.  Each student has an Individualised programme that captures their interests and strengths and identifies their next steps in key areas of learning.  We believe strongly in the potential of each of our students as learners.

We have been developing our Local CASS curriculum and recently held a parent meeting to share the work we have been doing with parents and to hear more about how we can strengthen our learning partnerships.

Learning Design parents presentation

  • CASS uses the Universal Design for Learning process to plan, implement, and maintain teaching and learning pathways.
  • Learning pathways for individual students are differentiated according to their needs.
  • Students have an Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) which focus on their priority key competencies and related goals and learning outcomes.
  • Teachers and therapists plan programmes to meet the goals of individual students.
  • Students in the school are provided with a range of learning experiences within the contexts of the seven learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.
  • Teaching and learning is accelerated and supported by the use of a range of digital technologies thoughout the school.

We draw from a range of programmes and tools to meet the learning of our students. Teachers and Therapists in consultation with families identify what students need to best support their learning programmes and training and ongoing professional development is provided.

  • Balanced Literacy Diet
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Key Competencies Pathway
  • Music Therapy
  • Objects of Reference
  • Aided Language Systems
  • Dance and Drama
  • Creative Therapies
  • QUEST for Learning – Curriculum from Northern Ireland
  • Sensology – Flo Longhorn
  • Sensory Express
  • Sensory Integration and Sensory Profiles
  • Sensory Room/Snoezelen Room
  • Tacpac
  • The Adult Curriculum
Using letters for literacy