Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

Our small team has one class at St Andrews Rd site (StAR) and three classes at the May Rd Primary School Satellite. Our students have a mixture of needs and are all able to learn. We take a holistic approach and run a rich and varied programme, which is largely student initiated and student led.  Learning is fostered through exploration and play. A range of approaches suited to various student needs is employed: sensory programmes, intensive interaction, as well as a more structured TEACCH approach and Attention Autism. Each student is supported to develop a communication system according to their need.  Learning is fun and topics for exploration are drawn from the NZ Curriculum.

Transition into School

The early years at school are important and a successful transition and early learning foundations are and important part of our Junior programme.

We aim to build on the base created in Te Whaariki (the early childhood curriculum) which include Wellbeing (Mana atua), Belonging (Mana whenua), Contribution (Mana tangata), Communication (Mana reo) and Exploration (Mana aoturoa).


Early Literacy and Mathematics skills are taught within context.  The programme is further enriched by outdoor learning experiences, drama and art.  Attention is also given to helping students become as independent  as possible, starting with their self cares.  We are well supported by a team of speech language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists