Inspiring Engagement - Realising Potential

Transition students at CASS are those that are identified of between 18-21 years of age. As they approach the age of 21 they are transitioned with support of the school, and outside agencies, to life in the community. During the year when students turn 21, the Ministry of Social Development provides funding to support the students and their families with post-school transition. This funding pays for a transition coordinator from outside of the school to support both the student and family to make decisions about suitable placements and/or funding options for life beyond school.

Transition students amove from working with the NZ Curriculum onto working with the TheĀ Adult Curriculum. This has a strong focus on developing connections with the community. The Learning Pathway for our students is essential to improving their lives and supporting our students to be as actively involved in lifelong learning as they can be. Using the community as a context of learning is paramount to the Transition Curriculum. We are preparing our students for life beyond school.

Our aim at CASS is to foster and strive for our students to participateĀ in their communities as effectively as they can.

The Key areas of learning are:

  • Applied Literacy/Functional Literacy/Communication
  • Applied Numeracy/Functional Numeracy
  • Vocational
  • Social
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Sexuality Education